Master Wu Yi Hui               Master Lu Gui Yao 

Master Lu gui yao, Guangdong SanShui person, now 91 years of age, is one of the greatest Masters of Liu He Ba Fa Chuan nowadays. At youth, he did business in Shanghai and had a chance to learn Liu He Ba Fa Chuan under Grand Master Wu yi hui. In the early 50's , Master Lu became an indoor student of Grand Master Wu. Master Lu kept studying under Grand Master Wu until him passed away at 1958. During his period of study, Master Lu practiced very hard and got all Grand Master Wu's skills and secrets. Then Master Lu spent dozens of years to self-studying and researching. He is one of the greatest Masters in the world who still retains the art of Grand Master Wu's original Liu He Ba Fa Chuan, that includes Liu He Ba Fa Chuan 66 techniques , Dragon and tiger fighting , Jade straight sword and Lu Hong Chuan . Master Lu once was appointed the Vice-Chairman of the Anhui Province Huainan HuaYue Liu He Ba Fa Chuan Martial Arts Research Board, the Honorary Chairman Foshan Chin Wo Athletic Association, the Chairman of Foshan Martial arts Association Liu He Ba Fa Chuan association, the Consultant of Foshan Martial Arts Museum. 。

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